Grow Muscle Fast -

On A Plant-Based Diet

Discover the Happy Green Muscle Method and learn how to maximize anabolic potential and muscle hypertrophy.

Do you think plant protein is deficient in amino acids and not enough to build muscle?

Do you believe soy is unhealthy and so-called antinutrients are detrimental to your nutrient supply?

You think a plant-based diet is inferior to a diet heavy in animal products regarding anabolism and muscle growth?

Then brace yourself to experience a mind-blowing paradigm shift.

Because plant protein, done the right way, is sufficient - it even has many powers animal protein does not.

The Happy Green Muscle book covers the 3 foundations for muscle hypertrophy - aligned to a plant-based lifestyle!


Suppose you eat and sleep well, but your training is inadequate. As a result, the growth stimulus is missing because you are not stimulating your muscles sufficiently.


If your diet consists of low-quality food, your nutrients suffer. The nutrients that your muscles and body need are missing. You might be exhausted for longer, and your muscles grow sluggishly, if at all.


Without enough regeneration and sleep, you cannot make optimum use of the valuable preconditions of the right training stimulus and proper nutrients in the bloodstream.

This book is a diet-centered blend of evidence-based knowledge and practical advice to grow lush green muscles - the fastest way possible.

Excerpts from the book content

7 Pillars To Get The Edge

The 7 pillars are the centerpiece of the Happy Green Muscle Method (HGMM) - You only need these pillars to succeed.

Scientific background as essence, alongside convenient and applicable instructions and strategies. 

Each pillar connects essential information with hands-on practice.

For more success with muscle growth than most people who follow a plant-based or mixed diet.

Make Plant Protein Your Superpower

Discover that plant protein has many powers animal protein does not.

Use the essences of plant protein optimization for amount, quality and timing.

Including meal-prep templates optimized for the most-anabolic amino acids.

Get maximum anabolic power from plant-based protein, without disadvantages for health, ethics, and the environment. 

Jamie Lee Personal Trainer

Unprecedented knowledge base

Sebastian is committed to giving you a resource with an unprecedented knowledge base, and that is exactly what he is giving you. Reading through this book as a veteran in the health, nutrition, PT community, I can tell you that if you want a complete guide, that takes you step by step, why and how, this is the one you need to purchase. Well written, informative, educational and easy to understand, I am very pleased in every aspect.

Discover How Antinutrients Are Unexpectedly Pro

Use the so-called "guardians of our health" the right way.

Find out why some researchers even doubt there is such a thing as antinutrients.

Tune your plant-based diet to get the best of both worlds - health and superior muscle growth.

Use simple methods to get the unbridled power of the plant nutrients.

Packed With Practical Instructions To Increase Healthy Anabolism

Exploit alkaline superfoods to optimize your nitrogen metabolism and preserve lean mass.

Use advanced goal-setting techniques to excel in natural muscle growth.

Minimize stress and the catabolic influence of cortisol via practical mindfulness.

Tune macronutrient timing using detailed instructions to get the most out of your efforts.

Who This is For / Not For

It is for you, if

  • you already live a plant-based lifestyle but want to optimize your diet for lean muscle growth;
  • you eat a mixed diet and want to eat more plant-based and, at the same time, build more muscles;
  • a holistic approach to health, environment, and animal welfare is important to you;
  • you are looking for evidence-based facts;
  • you are looking for a book with emphasize on the diet but golden rules for training and regeneration;
  • you want to grow muscle fast.

It is not for you, if

  • you fancy 50 ready-made "easy and delicious" recipes as can be found in magazines or many blogs;
  • stuff about plant-based diets you find in many mainstream publications is too overwhelming;
  • non-scientific broscience is your cup of tea;
  • you are looking for easy quick-wins instead of long-term success;
  • you want to stay small.

And much more...

...a complete chapter for systematic protein and nutrient optimization for everyday life...

...concise 264-page paperback or ebook version - condensed like a sauce stock - from more than 600 peer-reviewed scientific studies...

...59 high-resolution figures illustrate important facts...

About The Author

Dr. Sebastian Steinemann

Author of Vegan ohne Hype and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Coach/Owner at Mindfulplate, where people become experts in plant-based nutrition and nutritional self-regulation.

Who is Sebastian, and why does he know about this stuff?

After acquiring a Ph.D. and working in university and public research, I decided to help people break through the decades-old preconceptions about plant protein and muscle. I believe we will (have to) make the switch to an environmental-, health- and animal-friendly diet sooner or later.

My mission is to show you that animal protein is not essential to build muscle. On the contrary, a plant-based diet and plant protein cannot only satisfy all protein needs. Done the right way, it can also boost your health, wellbeing, and regeneration – for even more gains!

To convey this, I developed the Happy Green Muscle Method. HGM centers on how you optimize plant protein intake and achieve the maximum anabolic response from an everyday plant-based diet - with simple yet effective adjustments.


Is Happy Green Muscle only for Men or for Women too?

Of course it is for all genders! HGM can be used to muscle up from skinny beanpole to buff gorilla in the shortest time possible. However, it can also be used to tone, tighten or sculpt in any thinkable way. The perfect plant-based sports nutrition is not different for men, women, and others. There is absolutely no difference between men and women regarding the optimal conditions when it comes to building muscles. Although woman and men are equipped with different hormone levels or anatomy, the way to build muscle is the same.

Do I have to use soy?

No, there are many other food items you could use. It is not necessary to use soy products. Nevertheless, that being said, soy is one of the best food items from the kingdom of plants. You can find more detailed information about soy and its effects on health and the body in the book.

Is there proof that it works?

Of course, there is. All the information in the guide is based on experience and scientific literature. Unfortunately, there are too many alternative facts and rumors these days. In the field of plant nutrition, too, rumors have often become dangerous half-knowledge. So I wanted to make sure that the book is based on proper and credible sources.

The Happy Green Muscle Method combines many elements that have been proven to work. Although it is inherently difficult to conduct meaningful clinical studies with humans, an increasing number of scientific research confirms the book's message. Besides, lots of professional and successful vegan athletes prove it every day.

Does the book also work for fat reduction?

Although HGM was not created to lose fat as quickly as possible, it might have precisely this effect. There is substantial scientific and anecdotal evidence that a whole food plant-based diet with optimized protein intake can boost favorable restructuring of body composition. That means more functional lean mass and less stored fat mass. Of course, you do not have to live purely whole food plant-based to use the HGM-Method, but if you want to reduce fat, it is one auspicious way to go.

Also, care for muscles alone is like the best antidote against overarching fat depots. The yo-yo effect is the prime example: when caloric restriction is poorly executed, an excessive amount of muscle is lost. If the energy supply is increased again after the diet, the body fat increases again. Take care of your muscles, and you automatically provide the best conditions to reduce body fat.

Is HGM a fixed method with things I have to do?

No, you do not have to follow a strict diet regime to be successful. The Happy Green Muscle Method is your advisor, inspiration, and helping hand. You can take any component from the book and merge it with your routines and the things which already work for YOU personally.

Assuming you eat a plant-based diet that works almost perfectly for you, you can use HGM to tweak and make it more suitable to grow muscle. If you start and have no clue, you can adapt larger parts from HGM and continue there.

Do I have to eat vegan?

You do not necessarily have to be a vegan and eat purely plant-based. The system is adaptable to your requirements. Even if you live a mixed diet, you can benefit from this system. You can also use the system as an opportunity to make your diet a little more plant-based.  All principles explained in the book pertain to nutrition in general, no matter how you eat right now.

Do I get a meal plan?

I do not think you will profit much from a generic meal plan. The philosophy of the book is to give you the edge in any relevant topic on plant-based nutrition. It is enough material for a completely new life - if you wish. It is not just about a quick result. The book will help you to be successful in the long run.

However, you will also get lists and templates you can use as inspiration or starting point; for example, lists with the best-suited food items, meal templates optimized for the most anabolic effect, recipes for pre-workout nutrition, or protein-bowl creation.

Everything you need to grow muscle faster than your meat-eating neighbor.