Happy Green Muscle is the paradigm shift for
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animal protein not necessary

Do you require meat and animal products for efficient muscle building?

In an effort to end this obstructive dogma, scientist and plant-based weightlifting enthusiast Dr. Steinemann explores the misinformation fueling the image of unhealthy and catabolic plant food. Armed with new scientific research and critical insight, he addresses the central disbeliefs and myths surrounding plant-based muscle building.

Discover why and how a plant-based diet can be better suitable for consistent muscle growth than a mixed diet.

About the Author

Dr. Sebastian Steinemann

Author of Happy Green Muscle

Author of Vegan ohne Hype and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Coach/Owner at Mindfulplate, where people become experts in plant-based nutrition and nutritional self-regulation.

Writer on plant-based nutrition, supplements and skill development.

Advocate of evidence based information.

I’m Sebastian, and I am here to help you grow green muscle fast.

My mission is to show you that animal protein is not essential to build muscle. On the contrary, a plant-based diet and plant protein cannot only satisfy all protein needs, done the right way, it can also boost your health, wellbeing, and regeneration – for even more gains!

To convey this, I developed the Happy Green Muscle Method. HGM centers on how you optimize plant protein intake and achieve the maximum anabolic response from an everyday plant-based diet - with simple yet effective adjustments.

Who is Sebastian, and why does he know about this stuff?

After acquiring a Ph.D. and working in university and public research, I decided to help people break through the decades-old preconceptions about plant protein and muscle. I believe we will (have to) make the switch to an environmental -, health- and animal-friendly diet sooner or later.

With HGM, I combine my experience in professional research with my passion for bodybuilding and weightlifting - to provide a foolproof and scientifically backed system for you to reap all the benefits an optimized plant-based diet can have.

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